Had a great time! The actors never got out of character and the rooms and decorations were very detailed. Waiting before going on was a lot of fun. I definitely will be back next year!-Erin O'Donnell

I recently went to the haunted houses at universal studios in Orlando and the One at Berger was way scarier. They paid a lot of attention to detail. I would highly recommend it. -Renee Masten Herron

It was great! Very well thought out and had just the right amount of scares. The employees were very kind as well. -Collette Babor

A creepy, well-crafted haunted house. The actors do a fantastic job from start to finish.-Eric Blumenberg

Great, not gory but plenty of scares!!! Go with a small group even more fun.-Harold W. Englert

The actors looked awesome . So much detail in the house, best I've seen in years! Lots of scares in so many different ways, don't want to give to much detail. A MUST SEE!. Sound! Lights! Even smell! You never know what will be around the corner.-Kim Kinnaird-Redman





200 Rosalie Ave. Berger, MO 63014

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My girlfriend and I went Halloween night. It was a blast. It is set up for small groups which is awesome. Take all your friends but be willing to split up to enjoy the experience! You don't need to hold hands anyway do you? I loved hanging out at the fire pit, waiting to see the groups reaction as they came out. I'm still trying to figure out how the mad Doctor got around so many places so quick. I'm thinking there's more than one! Take some time to check out all the details.-Tom C.

We went this past weekend and loved it! This place has so many details, and they even had smells! I don't normally take the time to write reviews, but this place was so different then other haunted houses  that I've been to. They have some scenes I have never seen before in a haunted house. We are coming back in a couple of weekends with friends for sure! -Jennifer B.